The Rental movie review: wasted suspense watch.

The Rental (2020) movie review.

The Rental (2020) movie review
The Rental (2020) by Dave Franco. 

Cast: Dan Stevans, Alison Brie, Sheila Vand, 
Jeremy Allen White, Toby Huss, 
Connie Wellmen, Anthony Molinari.

Director: Davo Franco.

Language: English.

Cinematography: Christian Sprenger.

Music director: Danny Bensi, Saunder Jurriaans.

Release date: 24 July 2020.

Running time: 1hr 28mins.

Genre: Horror, Thriller.

What’s there on The Rental (2020)?.

Firstly, I thought its a horror movie by seeing genre in IMDB but the whole film is just like a psycho-thriller like one psycho try to kill all the families who came to his rented house.
From the beginning, the story revolves in a small circle of hero, his wife and hero’s brother’s family.
The truth is the whole part of this film is in last 15mins, I think, the total first half is a story about a hero’s family vacation and his wrong relationship with his brother’s wife.
The best of this film is the cinematography, it pictured the stunning visuals around the coastal areas.
Another best is quality cast,they all done their part well, particularly Dan Stevens and Sheila Vand.
As usual, like horror and thriller films soundtracks added occasional thrill whenever it came.

What’s not there on The Rental (2020)?.

The main unfortunate of this film is the first half because it totally stuck between the romance and relationship scenes between the hero and his families.
The first half should have handled better to somewhat thrilling one, it totally went like a masala film.
The director tried to imply many things but the outcome is usual romance drama film instead of a horror thriller.
Star performance:
It fits Dan Stevans and Sheila Vand.
Because of their decent acting as Charlie and Mina.

The storyline of The Rental (2020).

It starts with a vacation of the hero and his family. they tried to enjoy that weekend in some coastal seashore so they booked one house on online.
The problem starts after that hero had a wrong relationship with his brother’s wife, once they had sex in the bathroom it was captured by the hidden camera in that room.
So they feared about that on one side, the other side goes like hero’s wife and his brother started to enjoying the vacation like wandering around the seashores.
While investigating about the camera issue to that house owner hero’s brother somewhat beaten him to a pulp and the owner died after that.
They don’t know who is an actual villain and who fixed camera.the villain was a psych, he killed all of them who have came to his house.
And the movie ends with the murder of the hero’s full family by the villain.

watch this without much expectation about the horror scenes like me,it will never let down your expectation.

The Rental (2020) movie rating: 3.25/5

The Rental (2020) movie rating
The Rental (2020) rating by Movie Laundry.


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