Tamil film Lockup review: Venkat Prabhu’s cop game.

Lockup (2020)  movie review and rating.

Lockup (2020)  movie review.
Lockup (2020) now premering on ZEE5.

Cast: Vaibhav Reddy, Vani Bhojan, 
 Venkat Prabhu, Poorna.

Director: S.G. Charles.

Language: Tamil.


Music director: Arrol Corelli.

Release date: 14 August 2020.

Running time: 1hr 46mins.

Genre: Crime, drama.
What’s there in this film?.

Lockup (2020), it is now on ZEE5,the fact it is more good than other recent OTT released  tamil films like Yogi babu Starrer Cocktail.
In this film the villain uses many people as dice for his promotion, but story is about how the hero used villain as dice for his promotion.
It is also a debut film for S.G. Charles, but you can’t notice any major flaws in the whole film.i thought it is a comedy journal investigation film like Vaibhav’s recent film Taana , but that is not much worked out it is different with good holding investigation story.
The nicest of this film is two, one is Venkat Prabhu and the other one is Vaibhav, both of them played a negative role but the hero is Vaibhav as Vasanth, see that in the film how it is.
Vani Bhojan role is just for few scenes,there is no that much importance for her role compare to Poorna, Poorna did a good job as Malika.
The storytelling is a non-linear one, so there is no doubt, it should be a good watch. the plot is also a little bit guessable in a few scenes, but there are also a few decent twists to hold the audience.
Cinematography is an average one, I think that’s enough for this story, but music is not much enhanced the story, it was just a mild one, you can’t feel it on the screens whenever it comes off.
What’s not there in this film?.

It is a good watch there is no doubt but there is also a few small things that still have been better like the background score 
the story is merely guessable from the starting like who is the villain and what is the cause, but that won’t make you boring.
Hero role also seems like a villain role in the ending, there is also a reason for this in the story, that seems like a oddball, but okay to watch.
There is also a few drag scenes, but it won’t make that much difference.
Star performance:

It fits Venkat Prabhu.
I think he is the hero and also for his good engaging performance.

I will tell the whole story in a linear way, Malika works as a housemaid in the heroine’s house, because of her daughter’s function she stole the jewels of the heroine, it recorded in hero’s phone accidentally.
But that clip was taken by hero’s SI Moorthy, he misused that clip for blackmailing the housemaid Malika for his Inspector, he also did that to drive the Malika for his inspector, hero without knowing anything about this, he also took Malika to his Inspector’s bungalow.
In the meantime Malika’s daughter also followed hero for her mom, she also went that bungalow, but that inspector tried to rape that Malika’s daughter, so we know after this, Malika’s daughter killed that inspector and also run away from this.
After that how hero escaped from this, it is a storyline of this film.

Good holding script though it is guessable, watch this, Lockup (2020) never let down the expectation.

Lockup (2020) Tamil film rating:

3.25/5 – One time watchable (by Movie Laundry)

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