Superman: Man of Tomorrow review: Nothing new, the same usual reboot.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) review and rating.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) review and rating.
Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) review.
Cast: Darren Criss, Zachary Quinto, Ike Amadi,

Eugene Byrd, Alexandra Daddario, Bret Dalton,

Neil Flynn, Ryan Hurst, Piotr Michael,

 Cristina Milizia, Bellamy Young.

Director: Chris Palmer.

Language: English.


Music director: Kevin Riepl.

Release date: 23 August 2020.

Running time: 1hr 26mins.

Genre: Animation.

What’s there in this film?.

Firstly I’m not a Marvel or Dc fan I’m just a common audience who watches every movie because if you are a common audience who is going to watch this film, the story of this film is one of the boring and old ones you have watched this many times.

We all watch these types of superhero films only for their good characterisations, this film Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) also have that but the execution of that characters looks like a terrible one.

The whole story is a usual flashback of a hero like who he was and how he got his powers and other usual pieces of stuff.

The one-line story is the villain is a parasite who absorbs the power of whomever he touches, he also absorbed the power of hero and also killed many innocents, and then the story is how hero saved the world.

The voice-over of the characters also sinking and seems like a perfect one mainly That Superman’s voice by Darren Criss, Ryan Hurst for Lobo and Alexandra Daddario for Lois Lane.

What’s not there in this film?.

The main drawback of this film is most of the part of this film is stuck between the usual boring flashback of hero superman, it’s needed for the story that’s ok but this much stuffs made the audience sleepy because we have watched these flashbacks billion times, nothing new usual boring kinds of stuff.

Good characterisation but the execution of that characters seems to be terrible and worst one mainly that villain role, the whole film almost looks like a Superman vs Godzilla, compares to the villain role hero’s friend Lobo looks perfect and cool for the villain role.

The storytelling is also bad there is no amusement and suspense it goes on its own boring way with full of predictable scenes.

Star performance:

By characterisation wise it fits Lobo characters.

Because of its cool and perfect suits and characterisation.


The entire first half is flashbacks of a hero like he is a Kryptonian and the news reporters writing the bad impression about the superman and hero works as a news reporter in that press like this usual stuffs you have watched many times.

In between these scenes, Lobo a bounty hunter came to earth to kill the last Kryptonian that’s our hero Superman, in between the fights he used some parasite like material to kill the hero but that fully sunk to the DNA of one human who is watching their fights.

He got the power to absorb other powers like a parasite, so he also absorbed power from Superman.

And then the story is how the hero saved the world from that parasite.


Nothing new,usual boring stuffs, watch some other Dc movies rather watching this that’s my thought.



Story: 3/5.


Music: 3/5.

Superman: Man of Tomorrow (2020) rating:

3/5 – Still have been nicer (by Movie Laundry). 

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