Save yourselves! review: old type alien invasion story with boring jokes.

Save Yourselves (2020) movie review and rating.

Save Yourselves (2020) movie review and rating.
John Reynolds starring, Save Yourselves (2020).
Cast: John Reynolds, Sunita Mani, Ben Sinclair, 
John Early, Jo Firestone, Gary Richardson, 
Johanna Day, Zenobia Shroff, Amy Sedaris, 
Stephen Koepfer.

Director: Alex Huston Fischer, Eleanor Wilson.

Language: English.
Cinematography: Matt Clegg.

Music Director: Andrew Orkin.

Release date: 2 October 2020.

Running time: 1hr 33mins.

Genre: Comedy, Sci-fi.
What’s there in this film?.

Save Yourselves (2020) is a science fiction film based on an alien invasion, which is why a lot of people like to watch this movie, but before you go, look at this review and decide if you want to choose this or not ?.
The one-line story is the hero and heroine want to go to the dense hill station and live away from internet life for their weekend.but after they got there there was an alien invasion throughout the world, Then the story is about how these people, who had not even used mobile for two days, knew what it was and how they escaped after that.
The film has some good scenery that you can enjoy. Thanks to Matt Clegg for this.the truth is, Although the film appears to be a low budget film to watch, a few scenes came out well.
Although the story of the film is old, showing that Alien as a pouffe was a bit new. It added a little bit of interest to the film, I even initially thought these aliens were all good but they were not, they are the villains of the film.
What’s not there in this film?.

The first flaw of the film is the actors, none of them fit their character.  Mainly hero John Reynolds and heroine Sunita Mani have revealed their bad acting. Their combo is not good at throughout the will also say the same after watching this movie, this is for sure.
The fact is, every scene they make that is comedy draws hatred instead of laughter.
The story of the film is not so new either, it is the story of the alien invasion that we got bored of watching so many times. I think directors Alex Huston Fischer and Eleanor Wilson wanted to give the mind-blowing alien sci-fi by that old type story, but the outcome is horrible sci-fi with poor acting and monotonous wits.
There are two main characters in this film, one is the hero and the other is the heroine.they are the only ones who appear throughout the can’t find a single frame of this movie without them, this for sure.
Although it’s boring to watch the film, there is no other way if you want to see this film.that’s my thought about this film.
The way they ended the story was not so satisfying. The truth is, you certainly don’t understand where the story went or going.
Star performance:

It fits no one.
It may fit me for watching this senseless sci-fi.
The hero and heroine aspire to spend their holidays in a place full of good natural resources.
They plan to go a little further from this computer life and live there for a week without even looking at their mobile phones.but after they got there there was an alien invasion throughout the world.
The whole story is about how the hero and heroine who had no contact with the world escaped after that.

If you see this that you want to see a sci-fi comedy film, it will give you dissatisfaction, But if you want to see a film without a story this is the one for you.


Acting: 2.75/5.

Story: 2.75/5.

Cinematography: 3/5.

Music: 2.75/5.

Save Yourselves (2020) movie rating:

2.75/5 – Lots to enhance (by Movie Laundry).

Overall pros and cons: [For busy movie lovers]


Average cinematography but not much.

Alien as a pouffe.


Full casts, none of them fit for their characters.

The old type of story.

Irritating worst jokes.

Pointless unfinished climax.

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