Ram Singh Charlie review: Much better than we think.

Ram Singh Charlie (2020) movie review and rating.

Ram Singh Charlie (2020) movie review and rating.
Ram Singh Charlie (2020) by Kumud Mishra.

Cast: Divya Dutta, Kumud Mishra,

 Akarsh Khurana, Farrukh Seyer, Salima Raza,

Rohit Rokhade.

Director: Nithin Kakkar.

Language: Hindi

Cinematography: Subranshu Das,

 Madhav Salunkhe.

Music director: Troy Arif, Arijit Datta.

Release date: 28 August 2020.

Running time: 1hr 37mins.

Genre: Drama.

What’s there in this film?.

Ram Singh Charlie (2020), is a well-made heartwarming dramatic film that revolves around the story of an artist who admires art.

The one-line story is, the hero is a circus guy who works in Jango circus, his boss shuts it down because the circus not running properly and then the story is how the hero who known the only circus goes through life with his family after that.

Director Nithin Kakkar expertly directed this Ram Singh Charlie (2020) film, he flavoured each part with good sentiments and funny bits, all of them seems to be little realistic that’s the nice of this film.

Kumud Mishra, wah a pakka acting you can’t even notice the single flaws in his expressions, I think he is the show stealer of this film there is no doubt.

Director Nithin Kakkar played a good job in the characterisation also, mainly Kumud Mishra as Ram Singh a hard worker who wants to save his family somehow, Kumud Mishra as Charlie an artist who loves art. though Ram Singh and Charlie are the same person the director showed their characters nicely.

Divya Dutta, don’t have that much portions, she did a limited role but well played. Akarsh Khurana and Farrukh Seyer seem to be a villain in this from the starting for this story but they also have their reason for that.

Cinematography is an average one, that nicely visualized the emotions of that tents in the circus.

Music by Troy Arif and Arijit Datta underlined the emotions of that characters with it’s a good sad beat.dialogues are convincing with few good comments.

What’s not there in this film?.

There is no that much flaws to describe, my thought about this film is good but still, there is something needed to fulfil that story.

They have good characterisation’s,the story still have been longer, it just ends with its own good timing, the director might have thought that if the story had a little bit longer, it would cause boredom.

Star performance:

It fits Kumud Mishra.

For his good memorable performance as Ram Singh Charlie.


The hero was a circus guy he performance as Charlie in the shows in Jango Circus.

His boss’s son shut it down because the circus not running properly,hero and his colleagues who known only circus goes through life after that.

Hero in the starting tried for the same circus jobs like he had before but nothing worked out,he just started a new life as a rickshaw wala guy.

After that, how he turned to be an artist again and the cause for that, is the remaining story.


Good film with memorable characters, watch this film instead of watching some shit films with expressionless acting.


Acting: 3.75/5.

Story: 3.25/5.

Cinematography: 3.25/5.

Music: 3.5/5.

Ram Singh Charlie (2020) rating:

3.5/5 – Good enough (by Movie Laundry).

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