Pareeksha movie review: one of the few good movies on zee5.

Pareeksha (2020) movie review.

Pareeksha (2020) movie review.
Pareeksha (2020) now on ZEE5

Cast: Priyanka Bose, Adil Hussain, Sanjay Suri,

Shubham, Shourya Deep, Anant Kumar Gupta,

Seema Singh, Sheena Rajpal.

Director: Prakash Jha.

Language: Hindi.

Cinematography: Sachin Krishn.

Music director: Advait Nemlekar.

Release date: 6 August 2020.

Running time: 1hr 42mins.

Genre: Drama.

What’s there in this film?.

Pareeksha (2020) is a fully family dramatic film, we know most of the dramatic films are boring, but director Prakash Jha made the movie interesting and moving by adding the reality in each scene, we can feel it on the screens.

Adil Hussain gave much personality to that character as Buchi, I think that role perfectly fits him.

One line about this film is a holding plot in a good length, the truth is you won’t feel boring, because the screenplay took its own good timing.

Priyanka Bose played an equally balanced role and managed that role by her good acting.

Sanjay Suri done a justice to his role as always and Shubham as Bulbul, Pareeksha is a debut film for him, but can’t see that in a single scene of him.

Music by Advait Namlekar provided an extra feeling in each scene. cinamtographer Sachin Krishn done a good job, that nicely visualized the lives of slums, you will perceive the reality in each single.

The entire story is guessable but you will watch the whole movie interestingly, that’s the magic by Prakash Jha.

What’s not there in this film?.

The fact is, the story is not much new, we saw this type of movies many times like poor father trying hard to uplift the life of his son by working day and night, finally his son because of his understanding about his family, scoring good marks in exams and blah blah.

My thought is, watch this movie, anyway its an old story but its a little updated version and a feel good one by Prakash Jha.

Star performance:

It fits Adil Hussain.

Because of his good understanding role as Buchi.


It’s a story of one poor father named Buchi and his son Bulbul.

Buchi worked day and night for the sake of studies of his son, he believed Government schools won’t give much opportunities for his son he tried hard to make an admission for his son in one highly privileged school, his son passed all the entrance exams of that school but the problem is Buchi won’t have that much money to pay the fee of that school.

Initially, he started to work day and night shift, and his wife also did a double shift, but nothing worked out to make that huge amount.

So he started to steal the bags of the customers who came to his rickshaw, in one time he decided to rob the house but in that scene, he caught by the neighbours.

Buchi tried to hide that stole matter to his son by not opening a single identity to the police, but police find out that,

After that, whether his son passed in CBSE or not, this is the climax of this story.


An old story but a good watch, my suggestion is watch this film, it is more good than other films that released in ZEE5 recent times.

Pareeksha (2020) rating:

3.5/5 – Good enough (by Movie Laundry)

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