Parallel Minds review: waste of time, worst sci-fi film ever.

Parallel Minds (2020) movie review and rating.

Parallel Minds (2020) review and rating.
Parallel Minds (2020) by Tommie-Amber Pirie 

Cast: Greg Bryk, Tommie-Amber Pirie, 
 Neil Napier, Madison Walsh, Michelle Thrush, 
Wilma Pelly, Chelsea Anne Green, Olivia Duke, 
Sam Duke, Tom Carey, Austin Siever.

Director: Benjamin Ross Hayden.

Language: English.

Cinematography: Jeff Meher.

Music Director: Alec Harrison.

Release date: 1 September 2020.

Running time: 1hr 26mins.

Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller.
What’s there in this film?.

Parallel minds (2020) seems like a time travel film by tittle like a parallel universe, I also had the same thought before watching this film but the truth is, it is a kinda horror stuffed Sci-fi story that revolves in various concepts.
The one-line story is the villain builds a machine named Red Eye that collects and stores the memories, but it grows to the point where it can kill the man by its own power, and the heroine tries to stop it with the help of one detective and the story went like this.
By this one-line story glimpse itself, you can assume how interesting the film will be, but after watching this film you can’t say this for sure because they just wasted one good concept by their poor execution.
Their screenplay is decent and engaging with full horror effects and mysteries but they overused like a hell, they also spoiled the good story by placing unnecessary plots, scenes and effects.
The only satisfying factor about this Parallel Minds (2020) is, their concept of collecting memories from the past by wearing a lens, I liked it even though it was like a stupid concept.
After their story, next is Cinematography, this is also an okayish positive about this film but that is also wasted by their low budget visual effects, that’s my opinion about their cinematography works.
What’s not there in this film?.

The story had good potential in the starting but after that, they just wasted it by the stuffing of various unwanted concepts, effects, flashbacks, they just ruined the good story that’s my thought about this flick.
The acting of the cast is also bad mainly heroine Tommie- Amber Pirie and Greg Bryk, they acted like a newcomer, you can also feel this after or while watching this film.
Their visual effects also seem to be terrible, it just made the villain character like a hyped one, weak villain role because of their poor visual effects and execution.
The fact is you don’t know what you watched after watching the whole film, that’s for sure, because of their poor execution and poor detailing works in all aspects.
Star performance:

It fits no one.
Maybe it fits me for watching this film.

You can assume the whole story from the one-line story in the above itself because their movie is also not much deep.
But I can tell you what I remember from this movie, the villain builds a machine named Red Eye that collects and stores the memories.
The heroine’s friend who knew about this tried to stop it, but it killed her because the hand went out of grew on itself to the point where it can kill the man by its own power.
It had the power of inducing illusion to humans, by this it also tried to kill the heroine and hero a detective, but they escaped from that.
After these things how the heroine and hero stopped that machine is a full story.

Good concept but ruined by their poor acting, effects, and stuffing, that’s my verdict about this Parallel Minds (2020) film. watch this if you wish but I won’t recommend


Acting: 2.75/5.

Story: 2.75/5.

Cinematography: 2.75/5.

Music: 2.75/5.

Parallel Minds (2020) movie rating:

2.75/5 – Lots to enhance (by Movie Laundry).

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