Hubie Halloween movie review: so awful film with pointless story to watch.

The Hubie Halloween (2020) review and rating.

The Hubie Halloween (2020) review and rating.
Adam Sandler starring Hubie Halloween (2020).
Cast: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, 
Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider, 
 Maya Rudolph, Tim Meadows, Michael Chiklis, 
June Squibb, George Wallace, Jackie Sandler, 
Karan Brar, Noah Schnapp, Sadie Sandler.

Director: Steven Brill.

Language: English.

Cinematography: Seamus Tierney.

Music Director: Rupert Gregson-Williams.

Release date: 7 October 2020.

Running time: 1hr 43mins.

Genre: Comedy, Family, Fantasy.
What’s there in this film?.

Firstly, we know Adam Sandler is a great comedian and a good actor which is why I saw this movie, even though I had many movies to review.
The one-line story is, Hubie is an innocent young man who is being ridiculed by everyone in town, The ridicule increased as Halloween came to town, after that how Hubie escaped from this and who saved him from the psycho who came to that Halloween feast to that town.
What I like about the film is the climax though it is an old type one, the truth this was the only good and satisfying thing in the film after you watched.
Although the film started as a psycho movie at first, it got boring after that, but the climax lifted it a bit, that’s why told about the climax at first in the positive of this movie.
There are also a few comedy scenes in the film, But most of it was double meaning jokes, it could still have been more to engage us, that’s my thought.
Adam Sandler showed mediocre acting, but this too was wasted due to poor execution in the story and his voice.
Many actors have been given equal roles following the hero, for instance, Steve Buscemi as a mental patient who considers himself as a werewolf and Karan Brar as Mike Mundi, a funny role till the end, man.
Julie Bowen as Violet Valentine, Although she didn’t have much time for her character, she did it well in the time she was given.
June Squibb as Hubie’s mom. She is the villain of this story that you will know in the climax of the film.soryy for the spoiler if you are going to watch this film but I didn’t say that reason, watch that on the film.
What’s not there in this film?.

The biggest bad thing about the film is the hero’s voice, which doesn’t quite suit him.that’s my point of view about the first negative of this film.
Second is the screenplay, The truth is that if you saw this movie from the beginning you would hate it, because of their entirely tiresome screenplay.
The truth is, the entire movie is just a waste of time even it had a good average finishing, sorry guys this my opinion.
Although there are a few good comedy scenes in the film, Adam Sandler doesn’t have much of a part, they just wasted my expectation.
You will realize from the beginning how good the film is, the story goes on as if there is no salt in the soup.
The acting of the cast is also not enough, it may be created by their poor execution, that’s my conclusion about the negatives of the film.
Star performance:

No one fit for this title.
It may fit me for watching this film.

The hero is an innocent unmarried young man who stays with his mother.everyone in town was making fun of him because he was an innocent guy who is kind to all even if you hurt him.
Because of this, the hero’s mom who loved hero very much.thinks, she should teach a proper lesson to everyone who mocked him.
So she chose the upcoming Halloween festival, and then the story is, the chaos that ensues after that by hero’s mom.

They just wasted my expectation for the Adam Sandler film, you will also feel the same after watching the whole film, this is for sure.


Acting: 2.75/5.

Story: 2.75/5.

Cinematography: 3/5.

Music: 3/5.

Hubie Halloween (2020) movie rating.

2.75/5 – Lots to enhance (by Movie Laundry).


Overall pros and cons: [For busy movie lovers].



Adam Sandler but not much.


Bad acting.

Boring screenplay.

Pointless story.

Poor execution.

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