G-Loc movie review: Low budget sci-fi film with the absurd boring script.

G-Loc (2020) film review and rating.

G-Loc (2020) film review and rating.
G-Loc (2020) by Tom Paton.

Cast: Stephen Moyar, Tala Gouveia, 
Caspar Van Dien, Emily Haigh, Toby Osmond, 
Shayne Ward, Alana Wallace, Mike Beckingham, 
John Rhys Davies, Spencer Collings.

Director: Tom Paton.

Language: English.

Cinematography: George Burt.

Music Director: Max Sweiry.

Release date: 11 August 2020.

Running time: 1hr 33mins.

Genre: Sci-fi
What’s there in this film?.
G-Loc (2020) is a space sci-fi film, directed by Tom Paton, I think most of his films are with a decent average script with low budget scenes because I saw most of the reviews for his previous films all of them noted this low budget scenes.
In this film also Tom Paton did the same mistake by limiting spaceship sets, I don’t know how to tell, they used the same repeated spaceship set for the whole film you will definitely feel this while watching the film.
The oneline story of this film is the whole world has been polluted so people in the earth migrated to near by planet called rhean, they also started a life in that planet but there has been a cold war between the Eartheners and rheans who lives in rhean after leaving the earth.
The whole story circles in a small circle because there has been a limitation in the cast also but the acting of them is not limited,a decent acting like Stephan Moyar did average acting as Bran Marshall, Tala Gouveia as Ohsha did an okayish role.
The decent of this film is the cinematography and the average special effects, I think it is only the satisfying factor of this film after a whole watch, mainly the earth scenes are the amazing and a little bit quality one.
Music by Max Sweiry not much impactful and the dialogues are more ridiculous.
What’s not there in this film?.

First is negative of this film is poor spaceship set work and the overusing of that spaceship set for many shots.
Next is,the story is not much deep, it ends without showing that the rhean planet, and that lighthouse station that is the name I think, the fact is the whole story is about the repairing of that spaceship and save one station called the lighthouse from crashing of that spaceship.
Weak villain role, there is no that much importance for the villain, and there is also not that much weightage in that script.
The story also seems like an old like the earth was polluted so some people in the earth migrated to a new planet and created a new life in that planet so they use the people in the earth like a goat.
Star performance:
It fits Stephen Moyar.
For his average performance as Bran Marshall in this G-Loc (2020).
I think you can know the story from the above itself, ok now we can brief that.
The whole world has been polluted and cold, some of the people on the earth have been migrated to a nearby planet called Rhean, they also created a new life in a warm climate, so the people in this earth wanted to migrate but the cost of this trip is also high.
So There is a chaos and fights between the people on the earth they started to kill others for money and food supply, they also killed the hero’s family, so hero wants to fulfill his daughter dream to going Rhean.
He also got a ship but because of technical error whole ship has been crashed on other supplying ship that coming to earth.so hero went inside that ship for supplies but there is something unusual happening.
The climax is how hero went to that Rhean planet.

G-Loc (2020) is half baked sci-fi script,my thought is watch some other good space sci-fi films with the promising script.


Acting: 3/5.

Story: 2.75/5.
Cinematography: 3.25/5.
Music: 2.75/5.

G-Loc (2020) rating:

2.75/5 – Lots to improve (by Movie Laundry)

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