French Biriyani movie review: a Tom and Jerry drama lacks spice.

French Biriyani (2020) movie review.

French Biriyani (2020) movie review.
French Biriyani (2020) now streaming on Amazon Prime.
Cast: Danish Sait, Disha Madan, Sal Yusuf,
Rangayana Raghu, Mahantesh Hiremath,
Pitobash Tripathy, Sampath Kumar,
Nagabhushana, Sindhu Srinivasa Murthy,
Chikkanna, Hampa, Michael Madhu.
Director: Pannaga Bharana.
Language: Kanada.
Cinematography: Palani Karthik.
Music director: Vasuki Vaibhav,
Release date: 24 July 2020.
Running time: 1hr 56mins
Genre: comedy.

What’s there on French Biriyani (2020)?.

The story of French Biriyani (2020) is a satire journey between one foreigner who came to India for conference and a auto driver.
The plot goes Tom and Jerry drama from the starting between villain gang and the Foreigner.hero an auto driver unnecessarily tangled between that circle for helping that innocent foreigner.
The best of this movie is mocks and lame jokes by Villain gang.every time they uplifts the movie to a few extents whenever the slow down comes.
The starting rap song sounds good and the cinematography that nicely pictured the streets of Bengalore in that song.
Chikkanna entry in the middle of the film added some flavour to that plot but not much.
Rangayana Raghu played a role as cob,a limited role,tried few jokes to entertain audience but not much worked out.
There is also few double meaning dialogues in some parts of the movie, that only keeps the interests of the audience, I think.

What’s not there on French Biriyani (2020)?.

The combo Danish Sait and Sal Yusuf seem to be a flawed one from the starting, it is ruined by many irritating jokes and unnecessary dialogues.
The screenplay should have been better to engage us, it lacks crisp to hold the audience
There is also many unnecessary old comedies and dialogues and the villain imitating other movie dialogues are also appears to be unnecessary and funny less one.
The director tried to add many funny bits between the slow pace of the story but the truth is it’s just wasted the whole story rather enhancing
The whole story is tangled between many unnecessary scenes,the truth is audience needs patience to watch.
The length of the movie is also should have been scissored to better version.
Star performance:
It fits Mahantesh Hiremath.
Because of his few slapdash comedies.

The storyline of French Biriyani (2020).

The story starts with the death of the villain’s father and first smuggling assignment of villain but the twist starts with the misunderstood of villain gang.
They wrongly kidnapped the foreigner who came to India for one conference, hero unnecessarily tangled with them like other movies for helping that innocent foreigner from France.
After that how they escaped from that and whether the villain finished his first assignment or not, this is the main story of this French Biriyani (2020).
French Biriyani (2020) lacks taste, watch this if you are free it will keep you engaged for few extents.

French Biriyani (2020) rating: 3/5. 

French Biriyani (2020) rating
French Biriyani (2020) rating by movie Laundry.

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