Bucchi Naidu Kandriga review: nothing new, a usual rural love story.

Telugu movie “Bucchi Naidu Kandriga” review and rating.

Telugu movie Bucchi Naidu Kandriga review and rating.
Bucchi Naidu Kandriga (2020) now on aha.

Cast: Drishika Chander, Munna, 

Pavitra Jayaram, Ravi Varma, Subba Rao.

Director: Poluri Krishna.

Language: Telugu

Cinematography: Ram K. Mahesan.

Music director: Maahiramsh.

Release date: 21 August 2020.

Running time: 2hrs 2mins.

Genre: Drama.
What’s there in this film?.

Bucchi Naidu Kandriga (2020) is a familiar rural caste love drama by debut director Poluri Krishna.
I think you can guess the whole story from the title itself, yes the one-line story is hero loved the higher caste girl (heroine), so her father wants to kill both of them for his respect, the climax Is how they joined after these problems.
Munna as Balu did a decent raw performance, he showed the various tints of that character by his good well-fitted getups.
Drishika Chander as Swapna, not bad okayish execution, Ravi Varma did a little bit villain role as a father of Swapna but as usual, like other villains, he is also changed in the climax.
Compare to romance scenes the sentimental scenes are more better, mainly that father sentimental scenes, anyway it is an old one, but the director did a good job in this by his tinting works in these old type sentiment scenes.

Cinematography is also an average one, that nicely pictured many beautiful places mainly that hill and mountain range shots. music by Maahiramsh seems to be little bit sinking to the scenes.

Compare to the first half, the second half is a little bit moving and engaging because most of the first half stuck between the boring hero’s  guessable love and family tracks.

What’s not there in this film?.

Firstly the story is not much new, it is fully routine content that has grinded many times, in this film Bucchi Naidu Kandriga (2020) director Poluri Krishna mixed the love story with usual father sentiments, it is little worked out, that’s okay but anyway, the story is old and guessable from the starting that made the audience sleepy and boring.

My thought is the whole film is a mixture of many old south Indian films, you will definitely notice many parts of this film are usual and old ones,for instance that father sentiments and the climax twist

The screenplay is also tried to hide this old type story by making some twists like killing the hero in the middle of the story, but after these wasted twists the story goes again expected one.

Star performance:

It fits Munna.

Because of his average acting and performance.


Hero loved the heroine from his childhood. in the starting heroine didn’t love the hero but after that by universal movie law heroine also started to love a hero.

The problem of this love story is, the hero is a lower caste guy compare to the heroine, so heroine eloped with the hero, after that we know anyway heroine father will find that hero.

The climax is how they joined together, this is the storyline of this film.


Old type routine love story nothing new, watch this film only if you are not read that first line of this verdict.


Acting: 3/5.

Story: 2.75/5.

Cinematography: 3/5.

Music: 3/5.

Bucchi Naidu Kandriga (2020) rating:

2.75/5 – Lots to improve (by Movie Laundry).

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